EasyBCD is not starting


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I have installed .net framework etc. when i try to run the program nothing happens. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail.

I have a gateway nv52 that has vista 64bit OS and wanted to be able to dual boot with xp. I was unaware of the bootloader being overwritten and now can only use xp.

Can someone please help me
Newer versions of .net well support older apps. If it wasnt the case than Easy wouldn't work in Vista/W7 out of the box (which has 3 installed by default in Vista and 4 beta installed in W7). Follow Terry's links and you'll have Vista booting again. From there you should be able to use EasyBCD as intended.
Later releases (applied after 2.0) are fine Jus (hence Vista), but I think we've had cases here before, where XP was installed then updated to a later .NET version without bothering with 2.0 (assuming it would be fully backward compatible), but the later releases don't include all previous.