EasyBCD isn't adding entries to MBR?


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My original operating system was Windows 7 Home Premium. I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a separate partition using a LiveCD. After the automatic reboot, I went into Windows 7 through GRUB2 and installed EasyBCD (the latest stable build). The installation went through fine. I opened up EasyBCD, installed the Windows 7 Bootloader onto the MBR, then went into the Add New Entry tab. I added a Linux GRUB2 entry named Ubuntu, made sure that it showed up on "View Settings", closed EasyBCD, and then restarted. On reboot, it went straight to Windows 7, not even going through any kind of menu. I opened up EasyBCD again, and the Ubuntu entry didn't show up at all - like it had never been written in in the first place. I followed the guide here exactly (up until the part where it talks about booting into Ubuntu again, anyway). What did I do wrong?

[edit]: Bah, it fixed itself after I shutdown, waited for 10 seconds, and then actually powered back on. Either that, or it was the sheer number of reboots that did it (6 times :confused:)
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