easybcd isn't working




Had windows xp sp2 and linux. Later deleted linux. Started getting grub prompt where in I used to issue below commands (with little knowledge about what it is) to load windows:

grub> rootnoverify (hd0,0);
grub> chainloader +1
grub > boot

later to eliminate this and load windows defaultly, I read the easybcd faq for How to: Install the Vista Bootloader on Windows XP, and followed the step there, but upto my shock, I again saw grub prompt, second shock being that after giving the above grub commands, windows is not booting and giving below error:

=====================Windows Boot Manager===================
Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.
To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows Installation disc & restart you computer.
2. Choose your language settings & then click "Next".
3. Click "Repair your computer".

If you do not have this disc, contact you system adminstrator or computer manufacturers for assistance.

Status : 0xc0000001
Info: An unexpected error had occurred.


Please help me keeping into consideration that I can't boot windows now nor do I have windows CD.

Boot your XP CD, access the Recovery Console, and do:


That will replace Grub with the XP bootloader, and your XP boot should work perfectly fine again.
Dear Coolname,

I expected help stating that I don't have xp cd now :smile:
Is there any solution without using xp cd, or at least can I download any boot loader from the internet. Do you have any pointer.

If you don't have an XP CD, there are other tools that can get the job done.
Basically you want to rewrite the MBR (master boot record) and PBR (partition boot record) with the XP versions. You may also need to set the XP partition to "active" status if the Ubuntu partition (or no partition) is currently active.

Come to think of it, that's probably your current problem, if you followed the steps in the "How to: Install the Vista bootloader on Windows XP" article, and its not working. You will need to set the XP partition to active.

Boot from the Ubuntu LiveCD (assuming that's the distro of Linux you had, then deleted), select the "Try Ubuntu With No Change To Your Computer" option, and once you get to the Ubuntu desktop, go to System->Administration->Partition Editor, and you will be able to set the "boot" (Windows calls it "active") flag to the XP partition. Next, reboot, take the Ubuntu disk out, and try to boot normally.

If it works, you'll be booting from Vista's bootloader, which then chainloads XP's, but that's fine too.

EDIT: Of course that's assuming your XP partition is your "system" partition (meaning it contains the boot files)...
You may want to post the results of the command "sudo fdisk -l" (last letter is a lowercase "L") from Applications->Accessories->Terminal while booted in the Ubuntu Live session.


Oh, and yeah, if Grub is still installed to the MBR, despite using EasyBCD to repair the Windows bootloader, you'll still need to replace it with the Windows MBR, using one method or another.
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