easybcd lite attempts automated repair but cant find os files and surrenders


all tests were successful but root cause found: no os files found on disk
repair action: partition table repair (successful)
attempts repairs but halts: startup repair can not repair this computer automatically.
yikes! :scared:

so it sounds like the machine is kinda hosed. given the 2 infected files avast found on files i backed up off it, the 35 infected files clam found on it and the 9 system files that are not at specified paths that avast found today, and now this and the odd characters upon reboot continuing, i'm running out of options.

i think now, its time to try an upgrade to win7 before i reformat or factory reset (if my aim is to avoid reinstalling everything if possible). any other last second entries on ideas welcome.
If you have the option of upgrading to Windows 7, then count yourself lucky.... That may be a very good option to take advantage of.

However, I would try the automated repair another two times and see if that works. Also, I'm assuming you've attempted System Restore?
moments away from starting upgrade to win7 to clear corrupt system files

i have not flashed the bios (opted to skip this and dont think it'll clear problem even if 2-3 people say it did) but have run nearly every other tool procedure i could find:

cc) ran system file checker 'windows resource protection' to repair system files: start > run sfc /verifyonly sfc /scannow which found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them i.e. identified settings.ini files too corrupted to repair - details incl. in cbs.log windir\logs\cbs\cbs.log

ccc) ran Check Disk (chkdsk) which runs and vanishes when done - does it produce a log file and if so where do i find it?

d) system restore to prior date (and/or alternatively 'from command prompt') - which worked for a few reboots but then not

so i'm moments away from starting upgrade to win7 to clear corrupt system files but not sure this will work either!
Flashing the BIOS has nothing to do with this, and has the potential of doing more damage than help. I'd stay away from that.
upgrade to windows7 did not clear odd/alien characters issue

the problem is intermittent in that my test is "5 restarts" to see if cleared. but with 2nd or 3rd boot post install the same problem as in vista persists.

the initial tip on how to resolve 'alien characters' at windows logon+beyond was to flash the bios which risks frying motherboard but i opted to upgrade because it was easier and lower risk to parts/labor costs and downtime to two users as it did not require reinstalling anything. but the upgrade had issues and oddities of its own i.e. the process started by adding a bizarre useless prompt to boot sequence re press 0 or 1 (both read the same) re EMULATION and ended with dialog: .NET framework version 4 needs repair. a few more boots and marathon windows update and the alien//foreign/odd characters onscreen from windows logon reappeared aka upgrade did not resolve the problem (so corrupt system files may not be it and hardware -ram specifically- is now suspect).

so now to: 1) post problem on a forum 1) contact hp re updating/flashing the bios 3) surrender goods to pro geeks

i will run a deep virus scan tonight and out of ideas, will likely risk flashing the bios. why? a) two people claim to have cleared this specific issue that way and b) i'm just out of ideas and tools and whatnot. if that fails before 5 boots it'll be time to format c drive and/or handover to pro! yikes costly as they're gonna advise 'reformat c: drive' which i'm trying to avoid.

it all may be result of virus/malware etc and/or overheated cpu as owner did say the machine was hot as hell days before (chicken/egg) which could in turn lead to hardware failure specifically ram. now, that's all i got in the last few days of net scouring. any last leads for average joe?
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