EasyBCD no longer works - solved


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Using Windows 10 (version 1909, 32-bit, build 18363.592, current updates), EasyBCD 2.4 and Linux 19.3, EasyBCD no longer works. It ALWAYS boots into the Linux Boot Menu, not the Windows Boot Menu.
Windows is on the c: drive (sda1). Linux is on sdb1
I believe the problem started when Linux 19.3 was installed, but it might have begun after a kernel update. The current kernel is linux-4.15.0-74.84
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SOLVED! I booted from a Windows 10 installation USB, selected "repair" > "command line" > "bootrec /fixmbr". Then I rebooted successfully into Windows 10, Now, EasyBCD will boot into which ever system I select in "Edit Boot Menu", as it should.


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Glad things are OK.