easybcd not a valid win 32 program


i installed easybcd on a 64 bit win 7 machine. it worked fine. i was impressed.

i then downloaded and installed on a win 2000 professional machine.
after a routeen installation easybcd would not boot up telling me it needed net framework.
i checked the easy web site to get the exact version and installed that version directly from the microsoft site. the easy program would still not boot up on my windows prof 2000 machine.
"the specified executable is not a valid win 32 applicaton. " it said last i checked.

i am out of ideas!!! help!!!
Hi Roe,

It seems that there are compatibility issues with Windows 2000. We are working on getting them resolved.

May I ask what you're trying to do with EasyBCD on Windows 2000? Do you have the Windows Vista/7 bootloader installed on this machine?
In reply to your question as to the future of the Win 2000 professional machine.

We read your instructions and planned to copy over the necessary files from our Vista Machine. We point out our Win 7 64 bit works fine with your program. ( It has Vista as an alternative boot ).

The machine triple boots Win 2000 programs. We plan to add a 4th being an XP upgrade of the main Win 2000 program. ( The orig install, a backup and a fresh unrelated install. ) It is totally free of any problems what so ever. But we do have a few problems we have worked around in booting up all but the original install and have to use a bootable cd to assist. We figure with your program we can clean this up.

For your further information the machine and the main Win 2000 install date back 10 years. The machine is heavily used day to day but mostly for an older multiuser accounting program ( for some reason it is faster than XP and Win 7 accessing the same program ) and for remote access to more powerful machines. We have just added 2 Sata 3.0 drives and a promise Sata 2.0 controller card. ( We could not find a Sata 3 controller card for this machine's slot ). It now flies with this change for other non essential uses like watching fox news videos.