Easybcd not changing any boot settings

whenever i go in and modify anything and try to add xp (from the same hard drive as my w7, diff partition) and save and write the mbr and everything it gets erased everytime i reboot.

i can close easybcd after editing and it will be there still, but as long as i reboot it boots straight into windows 7 and the option is gone, don't even see the boot manager.

any ideas? i have briefly read the documentation here but nothing seems to quite fit.

i am running win7 x64 on partition 1 114GB, and have winXP on partition 2 106GB, in disk management win7 partition is showing up as system, boot, page file, active, crash dump, primary partiton. my xp partition is just showing up as logical drive.

thank you in advance


didnt want to be a 1-post wonder so i figured i'd post something again lol :smile: thanks guys
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Do you have any security software installed? Norton, McAfee, anything? Some of them protect the MBR from being modified.

You don't need to write the MBR. Adding the entry should be enough. Please post a copy of the "Detailed Mode" output from EasyBCD both before and after adding the entry.
Are you actually "installing the Vista/7 bootloader" and "Writing MBR" as your OP seems to imply ?
You only ever need to do that if Vista/7 has lost control of the boot because Linux or XP has replaced the bootloader with its own version.
If you "add new entry", and then reinstall the bootloader you'll be starting over from scratch in an futile infinite loop.
Just add the new entry.
Job done.
ok guys thanks alot for the quick replies.

i just added the entry without writing mbr and now it shows the boot menu but loading xp fails.

w7 works fine and seems flawless otherwise so i'm going to scour the forums to find out why xp won't boot. thanks alot guys!
The attempt to boot XP fails ?
Or the boot works, but XP then fails ?
If the former, did you let EasyBCD auto-configure ?
If the latter, select XP from the menu, hit enter, immediately start tapping F8 to intercept the boot chain to NTLDR and enter the XP extended boot menu. Select "no automatic restart" and the failure will halt with an error code which will tell you what the problem is.
i figured it out, first of all didnt have the ntldr and or the other file in the right place. and i had to make it choose the right drive in my case it was D: my w7 partition was c and my xp partition is D.

booted right up, and works like a charm! thanks so much guys!

btw first time i've used this software and i'm def gonna recommend it to everyone i know!!

let me know if you guys need anything else from me.

If you use auto-configure, you don't have to tell it (or even know) where XP is, or copy any files from one drive to another. That's the automatic part. It does everything for you.
well i left it auto and it tried to boot xp from C: so i just changed it to D: in easybcd and when i did that the files were on the wrong drive i dunno but it works like a charm now.

anyways thanks so much!
You're not supposed to change it to D:

What it does by itself is right. That's what the whole "automatically configure everything for me" bit means :smile: