EasyBCD not creating boot.ini Win7with XP


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I did a clean install of Windows 7 successfully. After all was good, I placed a previously backed up image of WindowsXP on a 2nd drive (using Acronis Home, and copying the disk image/MBR of my previous XP installation).
So I have Windows 7 on hard disk number 1
and my restored image of windows XP on disk number 2
both disks have only one partition.
When I run EasyBCD, there does not appear to be anything written to boot.ini
I tried a blank boot.ini, I tried a copy of boot.ini from the XP image on disk2,
I tried manually editing the boot.ini, and I tried the Beta2 Easybcd,
but none seem to be making any changes to the boot.ini.
When I attempt to load winXp from the boot menu, I either get a blank screen, or, if I
use the boot.ini I edited manually, I get various messages about windows not loading because of a configuration/hardware problem.
I am not sure why EasyBCDbeta@ or EasyBCD are not modifying my boot.ini
Ntdetect, boot.ini, and ntldr are all located on my 1st hard drive, the one that successfully boots Win7,and the one EasyBCE points to when I use Add/delete to try to add an entry for WinXP.
@ Justin and Terry: He said he tried the 2.0 Beta already, and it didn't work.
@ jehale: Does W7 have a hidden "system" partition (look in Disk Management)? If so, give it a drive letter, and do the auto-configure again. That's usually why it fails (no drive letter for the hidden partition).
Jake, the reason I say that is a lot download and install EasyBCD but never re-add the entry.
Jehale, if its still not working please post the modified boot.ini EasyBCD well have created.
EasyBCD 2.0 modifies Boot.ini on the system boot partition which may or may not be the same boot.ini that you are looking at.