EasyBCD not detecting Ubuntu


I have Ubuntu 16.04 and Windows 8 pre-installed in my system. I installed EasyBCD on windows 8 so that I can change the order of boot sequence.
Currently it shows Windows 8 on top , but I want Ubuntu on top and then window 8.

But when I open EasyBCD it does not detect ubuntu, it only shows windows 8. I have tried adding new entry but it didn't help. Please help.


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OK If you are definitely seeing a W8 boot menu like either of these
and both Windows and grub appear as options, but ubuntu doesn't show in EasyBCD, then you probably have EasyBCD looking in the wrong place.
Check EasyBCD > Tools > Options and make sure you haven't got something specified in the "automatically load...." field, which will force EasyBCD to use a BCD other than the "live" system BCD.
You can also use EasyBCD > File > "Load system BCD" to make sure you're looking at the one that's actually being used to boot the PC.
If however your menu looks like this
then you're actually dual booting via grub, and you'll need to update the grub menu to edit the order.


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Best if you go to Ubuntu's own forum for that advice.
My own Linux experience is from many years ago and before grub2 took over from legacy grub.
There's a very comprehensive grub2 guide here
Grub 2 Basics
of which section 5 is relevant to you.
Note that although all the grub menu options are in grub.cfg, that is not what you alter.
That's a system file which can be modified at any time by Ubuntu patches, losing your updates.
You should use the /etc/ file mentioned.
That's for users, and grub will merge any changes you make into the /cfg/ file dynamically during boot.