EasyBCD not working properly

I have a dual boot Windows and Linux Mint and I power on and even with EasyBCD installed i get the small listings to choose from and when I choose Windows (at the bottom of the list) it goes to the EasyBCD selection screen am just wondering why it just doesn't go straight to this screen instead of having to make that original choice from the small listing.

Have read a few threads and have tried reinstalling EasyBCD with no luck any ideas please because if I leave it too long it defaults to Linux if not selected within a certain time period.
I was hoping I could get soemidea of what was wrong because resetting BCD is breaking my Windows install if I set the Windows to default. I have tried setting Mint as the default but it still doesn't work it reverts back to Windows.

Any ideas please as I have now reinstalled Windows twice and Mint three times to make sure I have got them correct.


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
I'm not sure what you mean by "small listing" but perhaps you have GRUB installed to the MBR and are first seeing the GRUB menu installed by Linux, then the Windows menu installed by EasyBCD. You could reinstall the Windows bootloader to the MBR via EasyBCD to get rid of the first menu, if that is indeed the case.

Pictures would help.
Thanks Mahmoud but I have worked it out I was not repairing the boot section using the correct box - sorry for the inconvenience and I do appreciate your time and patience.