EasyBCD Not working - Winxp and Vista

Hi, my vaio has Vista installed, then I installed Win XP Pro. There is only ONE drive in the system, partitioned into 3. Vista on one partition C: and WinXp on F:

The computer fails to boot, but I somehow manage to access partition 3 to load winxp every now and then, something to do with debug mode. No idea if this is a Vaio feature, no idea how it is activated either.

When IN XP , I start easyBCD and I get "The boot configuration data store could not be opened
the system cannot find the message text for messages number 0x%1 in the message file for %2."

I have tried downloading the updated bootgrabber file.

So, I manually show it where it is and load it from the Vista partition. Then, when I try to add an entry for Winxp I get;

easybcd failed to detect a valid installation of windows nt-2003

I have had the same problem before (each booting from one drives differing partitions and I've never solved the issue). Can you advise?

I can't boot into VIsta since installing XP. I have no VIsta rescue disk. I presume I need to rewrite the boot.ini manually? Can you advise?

I can't even get the easyBCD boot loader screen...


Success. For the record. I booted into Winxp, used partition magic on the boot sector and chose repair for WinVista. Applied. Restarted. Booted into Vista, ran EasyBCD 2.0, simply added WinXp successfully, saved. Rebooted. All well.