EasyBCD on a memory stick?


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Hi Guys.

I've used EasyBCD o na couple of machines, and it work really well, so now I want to try something new and I wondered if anyone could point me in the right diretion - hopefully using EasyBCD.

I have a USB memory stick that had bootable DOS on it with partition magic and other tools. I then put a linux-based admin-password-reset tool on there and that's rewritten the MBR to do the linux thing. Both tools are immensely useful and I want a mentu to boot either to the DOS or linux environments.

I figured I could use EasyBCD to build some boot loader, but on my XP machien it won't run as I have no Vista bootloader present.

My questions are therefore:
1) Can I even run EasyBCD on this XP-only machine?
2) Can I use EasyBCD to build boot environments on removeable drives (i.e. not not my c: drive)?
3) If not, does anyone know how I /can/ mess around with the bootloader on my memory stick so I have the option of booting it into the linux environemnt or the DOS environment?

Please bear in mind that if 3) is the way forward, I don;t know that much about linux and don;t have access to a linux box at present. The password-reset thing is all automated and I'm not even sure how to drop out into some sort of command environment in it.

Hope that's all vaguely clear, and apologies if this isn;t the palce to discuss stuff liek this...

Huga / Ian Cowley