EasyBCD Options Menu And Update Checks


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Easy BCD - The Tools/Options Button does nothing as far as I can see and the Check for Updates times out (maybe not set up yet?)

(Pity we can't edit the header in these posts also...!)
I agree, I wish you could change the titles too, but this excellent forum script is still in alpha stage and is missing some important features..... :frowning:

Is this new name OK?

Tools | Options is a placeholder. You're the first to be told: it'll be used in 1.2 :tonguewink: (congrats!)

Check for updates works perfect for everyone I've talked to... how fast (or slow) is your internet? Try it a couple more times.
Sorry about the delay, I forgot you have to physically subscribe to threads otherwise...no notifications!

New title OK and the check for updates timed out again, but when I tried it immediately afterwards I got an instant "You are up to date" response. I'm on high-speed cable, but between a new router that enables my roommate to use his laptop wirelessly and me testing some beta McAfee products (in XP only) anything is liable to happen.

Good news about Tools/Options...:wink:

By the way I am so tempted to use or try to use the bar below in ProNetworks....LOL I think not. >-(