easyBCD partly fails after a restauration

Hello all of you,
An old granddad needs help.
My system configuration:
On my ACER 64 bit tower I have installed easyBCD 2.2, initially with the following configuration on 1st disk:
  • a primary partition with Win 7 sp1 named Win 7Travail
  • a logical partition with Win 7 sp1 Named Win 7Ref:
On a second disk I have 2 Win 8 partitions.
Every thing worked fine and I could start any partition without any problem until I decided to update my Win 7Ref partition with a copy of Win 7Travail. To do so I started to save the Win 7Travail partition with Acronis then I restored that copy into the logical partition Win7 Ref.

What happened next:
When I restart my system I still can select the partitions Win7 Travail, or one of the Win 8.1 partitions but when I selec tWin 7Ref than Win 7Travail is started instead; in other words I can't start Win7 Ref anymore.

Attached is a PDF file with easyBCD data that may help you to find out what is wrong.

Please can someone suggest me what to do to get rid of that problem
I thank you in advance for your help and wish you a great day.
Best regards from the French Riviera



Mostly Harmless
Staff member
Bonjour Supperpapi,

Download EasyBCD 2.3: http://j.mp/EBCD2
Use it to delete the entry for Win7Ref and then create a new entry for Win7Ref in EasyBCD 2.3.