EasyBCD scripting?


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Hello there.

I'm attempting to do something rather extreme when it comes to operating system installation, and I'm wondering if EasyBCD is the final piece of the puzzle. I need a way to switch out the boot loader on Windows XP with BCD from within a script, so that I can boot to a WinPE .WIM image for a network-pushed Windows 7 install / migration.

I'd love to use Microsoft's provided BOOTSECT.EXE to do it, but it gives a pesky "access denied" error when you try to use it on the C: drive when booted in XP. I'm hoping that there is an easy way to do this with EasyBCD (see what I did there?) so that I don't have to futz around with direct boot sector editing to enable bootmgr rather than ntldr.

EasyBCD can do this through the GUI, but I would like this to be scripted. And by "scripted," I'd rather that not mean UI scripting where I'm telling the mouse to go to X,Y and click.