EasyBCD Simply not running


I have downloaded and installed EasyBCD V1.7.2.

It simply does not run and fails with the message (in a cute graphic box) "EasyBCD has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

I'm running Win XP SP3.

Help, please.. where doe I start?
Dear Terry60 and Computer Guru,

I am trying to install Snow Leopard (SLU) OSX Universal as a dual boot system on a Wintel m/c with XP on one HDD and SLU on another, dedicated HDD. I am using this as a guide: http://www.taranfx.com/how-to-install-snowosx-universal.

I get to step 9 where it says: "To fix it, Download and install EasyBCD. " That is where I cannot actually execute EasyBCD.

Any help would be appreciated.



Dear Terry60 and Computer Guru,

I checked my .NET installations. I seem to have versions older than 2.0 (as well as V2.0) already installed. Should I delete them?

Any help would be appreciated. :frowning:

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EasyBCD is for windows with a BCD, which use the latest MS boot manager bootmgr. (Vista and W7)
XP uses a completely different boot manager/loader, (NTLDR), and EasyBCD can't help you configure that.

Forgive my ignorance.... I was only going on the information in the other material.

I apologise for the inconvenience. BTW, would you suggest any other modified bootloader (GRUB or something else?)

I have no Mac experience, so I'll leave it to others to advise on your best course of action.
Won't the Mac bootloader do the job ?
It should put in another option called "Other" when you install OS X that you can use to boot XP.