EasyBCD Tutorial???


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is there a tutorial somewhere?? i want to use easybcd 1.5 to dual boot xp pro sp2 and vista x64 rtm.

i currently have xp installed on c:\ and want to install vistax64 on d:\ (different partition on same physical drive). alot of people have had problems dual booting, what settings do i need to use etc? i wont be using raid, this is a sata drive and will not require drivers from a floppy or cd.

Hey TorrentThief, welcome to NeoSmart!

Sorry about the delay, been really busy here. We're working on getting a documentation set online, it's almost ready for release.

As for your question: simply delete drive d:
boot from vista dvd
create a partition
select the partition

it should boot and you should already have c:\ listed as an entry
if not, use easybcd to add drive c:\ as windows xp