EasyBCD Updating the MBR and Bootsector Using 3rd Party Boot Helpers (Acronis TrueIm)


I have a problem with:

Problem: Windows failed to start

File: \Boot\BCD
Status: 0x000000f
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data

The Windows Vista Install DVD Windows Recovery Environment can repair this problem by any of the three methods (automatic or manual) listed in the Microsoft documentation. However, on the next re-boot, the same problem comes back. This happens every day I re-boot my computer.

It seems to me that, either something other than the BCD file is corrupt, or the Windows shutdown procedure is causing the BCD file to become corrupt.

I have installed EasyBCD and read the documentation, but I have a concern about 'Updating the MBR and Bootsector' section, because I run Acronis TrueImage for my system and data backups. The EasyBCD documentation says:

Using 3rd Party Boot Helpers?
Please note: Using this page will overwrite any existing MBR! If you are using a 3rd party MBR like Grub or Darwin, don't worry, EasyBCD
can be used instead. However, if you are using any software that customizes the MBR, such as Roxio GoBack, Acronis TrueImage, or TrueCrypt, the post-boot interface for these applications will no longer be available. You'll need to reinstall their boot-time helpers after configuring EasyBCD.

I do not understand what boot-time helpers means, and your forums do not add much light to this.

Can anyone assist in this with easy to understand instructions? Any further assistance on the
Windows failed to start problem would also be appreciated.


Just follow the repair instructions then reinstall the boot helper for Acronis.

Thank you Computer Guru, but I need to know what the Acronis boot helper is.

In the AcronisTrueImage software suite, there is a bootable Acronis Media Builder, which creates a rescue disc with Acronis software components.

Is that what you are referring to?
If you don't know what it is, then you probably don't have it installed and shouldn't pay this section any attention.