EasyBCD Upgrade 1.7 to 2.


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Does easybcd save my settings upon an upgrade of easybcd from 1.7.2 to current 2. version.

I have been dual booting windows 7 and suselinix for nearly a year with no problems after a bit of tweaking in the beginning. I do not want to go through the tweaking again. Upon upgrading easybcd, I hope the settings will be retained. If not I will keep using what is working now and do w/o the upgrade.

Thanks for the info.
EasyBCD is not involved in the booting or running of your system.

It only does anything when you run it and tell it to make changes to your BCD.
Those changes are then fixed until you decide to run EasyBCD (or BCDedit) to make more changes.
You can install every Beta build, uninstall it completely, or whatever you like. None of that has any importance.
Its presence in, or absence from your program library has absolutely no effect on your system.

If you run regedit and make changes to your registry you could completely destroy your system, but just having regedit on the PC is no danger at all.

EasyBCD is the same. It's completely passive and inactive unless you run it.

Get the latest version. If you do ever need to use it again, it's considerably more powerful (and user friendly) than its predecessor.