EasyBCD v2.0.2 Won't Start (Win7 - 64 bit)


I just installed EasyBCD v2.0.2 under Win7 - 64 bit. I exited the installer with "Launch EasyBCD" checked, but it didn't launch. I attempted to run it with the shortcut, and I received the message, "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)."

I also have it installed under WinXP SP3 - 32 bit, where it runs fine. Any idea why it won't launch under Win7?


- John
Hi, Mahmoud.

Oh, don't tell me... Yes, I do: Zone Alarm Security Suite (to which I reverted, since ZA Extreme messed up other applications, like Daemon Tools). And I've already had to disable ZASS' browser toolbar, since it clobbers several Firefox add-ins.

Interestingly, the problem with EasyBCD only presents itself in Win7-x64, although I have ZASS installed on WinXP-x86 as well. What do I need to do to fix it (for now, anyway - I think I'll be dumping ZA).


- John
Disable the force field service from ZA. ZoneAlarm is buggy and messes up a lot of apps.
After you responded, I realized that I had disabled the ZA ForceField service in my Win XP installation, but hadn't yet done so in Win 7. My bad.

EasyBCD now works perfectly. So thanks - not only for your assistance, but also for providing this very useful utility.

- John
You're most welcome, John. If you get the chance to report this issue to ZA, please do so. They need to realize it affects a lot of people.
Reported - but to No Avail

Actually, I reported the conflict between ZoneAlarm's ForceField service and Daemon Tools Lite to ZA over a year ago. In response, they asked me for my input on a bunch of marketing crap ("Which of these new features do you like the best?" "Which name do you like for our new sandbox option?" etc.) But try as I would, I was unable to get a response - much less any sort of date commitment - about correcting the problem.

A while back, I switched to ZA after becoming thoroughly disgusted with Symantec's Norton AV suite. Guess it's time to find yet another AV / firewall vendor.


- John
I personally no longer see a need for firewall products on my PC. The router blocks any unsolicited incoming connections, and I don't install or run random software that I wouldn't want to create outgoing connections.

For antivirus, I'm constantly alternating between Microsoft Security Essentials and NOD32, but am currently more for the former than the latter.

Thanks for the info on Daemon Tools Lite, it's good to know what other products are affected by ZA's terrible development talent.