easybcd versus mbrwizard


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You guys helped me a lot setting up my triple boot system.
I felt bad for asking for so much help. I back up my system religiously
and therefor should not have to recreate my triple boot system.
Which means I will forget everything I learned while doing it.
The problem will arise again with my next purchase of a new puter
with Widows 8, 9, 10 etc.
So I am asking what is the difference between Easybcd and Mbrwizrd?
I haven't had the need to use Mbrwizard yet and was wondering what
you all thought of it. I hate to ask this, but I had a lot of trouble with Easybcd
and triple booting. I guess I need a program that leads me by the hand.
MBRWizard is simply a backup/restore program for the master boot record on the hard drive. While the MBR is important in booting your computer, EasyBCD is different. While EasyBCD may modify the MBR on the bootloader management page if you want to put the Vista/XP bootloader in charge, it is primarly a configuration utility for the Windows bootmanager. MBRWizard doesn't modify Windows bootmanager.
Thank you very much for the reply Kairozamorro.
Now I understand but I still dread the day I have
to get a new puter and go through the triple boot
Thanks for Easybcd