EasyBCD will not boot Ubuntu Grub2


Edit: I am using latest version EasyBCD 2.0 beta
I have 2 hard drives:
sda and sdb (vista is on sda)

I installed Ubuntu on sdb
Chose my /boot partition (sdb1) for the Grub2 install

I added entry with the Grub2 option in EasyBCD 2.0 - Latest beta version
I rebooted and chose my Ubuntu install from bootup list.

I am dropped into a
grub> (prompt)

If I type ls ... it shows a bunch of files on my windows drive!!
Is there any way to correct this?? Seems like EasyBCD is not seeing my second hard drive?

Thank you in advance


I am thinking part of the problem may be that GRUB2 will have to be installed on the main drive that bios boots from - (sda) In which case I guess I will switch the sata cables from my hard drives.

I still don't see why these should be issues:
1. If I let grub2 install itself to sda (on the vista drive) I am dropped to a rescue grub prompt on boot up.
2. If I try to let EasyBCD handle grub2 whether grub2 is installed on sda (from itself) -- Or if I install grub2 to another partition... either way I am dropped to a prompt on boot up.

Only thing left as a solution is drive position and which drive bios boots first........ ?
I get this feeling no matter what I do; grub2 is not seeing itself and the linux mbr on the 2nd drive.
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