Easybcd will not recognize windows xp

I downloaded Easybcd with the intention of setting up a dual boot on 2 drives...My computer has windows xp loaded
I want to intall a second drive and install Windows 7
I downloaded Easybcd 2.2....but it does not recognize windows xp
can I download an earlier version of Easybcd that will work?
Please Help!!!
Bill Curry


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How did you install XP ?
EasyBCD expects to find it in a folder called "Windows" or "WinNT" (the MS standard names) or "WinXP" (the most used non-standard name).
Having located a folder bearing one of those three names it will search for the module ntoskrnl.exe inside the System32 sub-folder and check the file version number for the correct XP level.
That applies to all versions of EasyBCD.