EasyBCD Win 7 x64 problem

I m a software developper with MSDN Subscription
My Os on my Computer
Vista 32 FR on C:
w7 32 FR on J:
W7 64 FR on K:

After install w7 64 FRench, it's Ok the fist time
But now, at the boot i have this problem:
File : windows\system32\winload.exe
statut: 0xc0000428
Infos: windows ne peut pas vérifier la signature numérique de ce fichier ( in French)
( Windows can not verify the digital signature of this file)
See the attachement file for more precision

I try to reinstall, same thing, first ok , if modify , out



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Bonjour Phil, welcome to NST
check out this thread, taking special note of Guru's post #3
if you made reference to this answer of the post
"This isn't a problem with EasyBCD, it's a problem with the .NET installation on your Windows 7 which seems to have been corrupted"

I did not make any installation of. NET, the problem appears after installing W7


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We appear to be talking about different threads !
That link I gave you, (did you click it ?) should take you to a thread called Windows 7 started by JeffTech on Nov 9th
Only the 1st 3 posts are relevant, after that it becomes a different problem.

The important thing is the CG quote

Terry, the new EasyBCD has a feature to fix this, forgot to mention it:

EasyBCD | Diagnostics | Recreate Files

In post #3

oups, it was different threads
my easyBCD version is 1.7.2
ok the new version easyBCD 2.0 ?
Where can i download this version ?



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