EasyBCD Wins QA Tech-Tips "Hot Smokin' Weapon" Award!


EasyBCD Wins QA Tech-Tips "Hot Smokin' Weapon!" Award!

It is a distinct honor and privilege to announce that Mahmoud and everyone else at NeoSmart Technologies have been awarded the (supposedly!) highly coveted "Hot Smokin' Weapon!" Award for their EasyBCD product by a unanimous decision of the QA Tech-Tips award nominating committee.

Of course, since the nominating committee has only one member - ME - and since I think EasyBCD walks on water and talks to the angels, it was an easy decision!

Seriously - since the QA Tech-Tips blog has given out a total of, oh, maybe three of these awards - including this one - it is indeed a rare honor to get one of these. There's a lot of stuff out there that I think is absolutely the Bee's Knees, but very few rise to the level of getting a "Hot Smokin' Weapon!" award.

Unfortunately I do not have a slicko looking logo for this award to post on the NeoSmart Wall Of Fame - but they're perfectly welcome to mention the award - with a link to my blog of course!

You can go see the actual award posting here:

What say ye?

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Hi Jim!

Thanks for the enthusiastic recommendation :smile:

I guess I should give you an official welcome to the forums, so welcome to The NeoSmart Forums!

We're glad to have you here, and truly appreciate the kind words.