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on the next BCD, how about in another tab (similar to Advanced Options) that works the same way:

Select the OS
- Vista/XP/Linux/Mac/etc - selected from drop down list
Advanced Options:
- Hide Partitions: (provide a simple list) [ ] hd0,0; [ ] hd0,1; [ ] hd0,2; [ ] hd0,3; [] hd1,0; etc all the way up to what BCD recognizes as beign available (hidden or not - can be viewed through Linux Grub.)

the user could select what partitions are to be hidden when Vista, XP or any other OS is in use. oh and when the boot menu comes up, all the partitions need to be unhidden by default. this way, i can load up xp and hide vista, then i can go back into vista without having to go through another menu to unhide vista before i can load it.

just my suggestion, cause there are too many menus in order to get OS to work with hidden partitions,


the Tumbling Toddle
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