EasyBCD with Advanced Linux Support


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In an attempt to work around a number of bugs in GRUB & Linux and some limitations in Bootpart, EasyBCD 2 has a completely overhauled Linux subsystem.

The new system lets you use uuid commands in NeoGrub, and you can also select an MBR from the drop-down list in EasyBCD, no longer limiting you to just bootsectors in case you installed GRUB to the MBR of a drive rather than the bootsector of the partition, which is the most common problem with Linux entries.

The drop-down list in EasyBCD has also been improved to further clarify the drives that are being displayed, helping distinguish them from one another:


The addition of drive letters to the drop-down list should help.


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Hi Mudgen, welcome to NST

Thanks for showing interest in the EasyBCD beta. 2.0 is going through private select beta testing at the moment. It will be released when the remaining tasks for it have been completed. If you'd like to participate, please PM guru for the details.
I'm just hoping to get another feature or two in before the next test build goes out.

You all will of course be the first to know!