easybcd with vista recovery disk ....


I have my laptop with vista pre installed on a hidden partition 12gb called recovery, the recovery is the first partition on the drive,
the next one is the c: of a size about 160bg .....
during the open suse linux installation i have received a warning : it can be problem to start a system because there is a big gap to discover and to load it, so having this warning i stopped the linux installation to avoid any problems

my question is : how can i use the easybcd loader to start vista or lin ?
i do not want to lost the recovery partition in any case if i continue the linux installation .... not yet :smile:)
maybe the best way is to use my usb memory stick 4bg with the easybcd installed on it to start and to choose the working system ?
thanks for any idea .... before i start my experiments .... lol ...... :smile:)
thanks terry60, yes i can do shrink the vista partition, but i would like to install some more soft on it,
what if i install linux on the second hd ( there is 2 hd in my laptop ) and to use the bcd loader on the usb mem stick ?
i am not sure if i can install bcd as a starting loader on the first disk with vista to redirect start vista or linux ?
bcd loader is very new for me, so if i go wrongly i can lost the recovery or maybe something else .... :frowning:
thanks for your time, zeeb
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Remove the Vista HDD
Install Linux on your 2nd HDD
Put back the Vista HDD and alter the BIOS to boot from it.
Install EasyBCD on Vista
"Add New Entry" selecting the Linux tab.
grub/grub2 choice depends on which distro and release you choose to install.
Terry thanks, it is good idea, i will do it to install Open SUSE 11.3 Linux on my laptop
i am reading more about EasyBCD, lots posts on here, so now i can understand better what is going on :smile: ....

you told me to shrink Vista's partition, it's fresh yet, but after few Windows Update sessions the Vista's partition is big about 50GB .... it is silly :frowning:( .... and i do not see where the rubbish is hidden ( win, program files, page+hiber, virtual snap, all =~ 15GB )
tomorrow i am going to reinstall the Vi again

thanks again Terry, zeeb.
Thats normal, no need to re-install Vista. I recently re-installed Vista myself and it says I've already used ~70GB of my drive. Even on a clean system Windows well require 15-20GB. I'd recommend at least 50GB for a Vista or Windows 7 partition. When you went to install all those Windows Updates a system restore point was created prior to each batch of installations. When you have all the available Windows Updates installed and your system is still in working condition, you can safely delete all but the most recent restore point by going to Disk Cleanup > More Options tab.

If you're in need of even more space and don't plan on uninstalling service packs after they have been installed, you could also run "compcln" from Command Prompt.
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hi justin .... well done, big thanks to you man :smile: .... after reinstalled Vi sys from dvd it does need lots of updates as the edition is not fresh, but now the update system is quiet. I have done as you said, Disk Cleanup > More Options to remove 10 points, and i deleted some other files, so after all my C: disk used space changed from ~52GB to ~32 GB, it is very good :smile:)

I am reading now some explanation to understand the winsxs folder sitting in the windows folder, the blog address is :
Reduce the size of the WinSxS folder with vsp1cln.exe and compcln.exe | TechRepublic
as you said to use the tool program compcln.exe

ok my friend, thanks and to see you again on the never ending computer war .... :smile:))
Don't go manually deleting files on your system though unless you know what they're used for. Thats how you can screw things up.