EasyBCD with Windows7 - will it work or not?


I did a few searches around the forums about win7, and all I found was people having problems.

What I wanna know is simple, I intend on installing Windows7 when it comes in a full (non-beta) version. I'll uninstall my Vista, and install Windows7 instead of it.

My other HDD will already have Ubuntu 9.04 installed on it.

Will I be able to use EasyBCD to dual-boot the two (win7 & Ubuntu 9.04) or not?
Is EasyBCD intended for use with Win7 at all?

I was really surprised not to have found an answer by doing a simple search :wtf:
If someone knows what I missed and has a link - please do link it for future reference by the way :ldown:
Windows 7 can be regarded as Vista 2.
The boot architecture is the same.
The BCD is still in charge, so EasyBCD works exactly the same on either OS.
If you searched this site you must have seen hundreds of hits of W7 in use with Easy.
I need to mention something here. Just recently (say, about two weeks ago), I used EasyBCD 2.0 Beta (I think it was Build 61) to adjust my Vista BCD. Some time before that, I had installed Win 7 in a VHD on my Vista partition, and an entry had been automatically added to the Vista BCD (by the Win 7 nstaller) to boot Win 7. This entry worked fine until I used EasyBCD...

I'm a little hesitant to mention it, because I'm not positive that the two events are connected or not, but one thing I know is, my Win 7 entry worked up until I used EasyBCD to change the default entry from the Win 7 entry (which the installer had set it to automatically) to the Vista entry. In other words, I used EasyBCD to make Vista boot first instead of Win 7. I also moved my Win 7 entry down in the order, so it was beneath the Vista entry (which had been previously at the top before installing Win 7) instead of above it, and set the timeout to 0. The effects were not immediately noticed until I reversed the changes (with the same beta build of EasyBCD), and made the Win 7 entry the default again (and reset the timeout to 10). I also moved the Win 7 entry back to the top.

Well, after that, I few days went by before I attempted to boot into Win 7. And this is when I first noticed this problem. I would see the Win 7 screen start to load, and then I would get a BSOD, and its been that way ever since (so I haven't been in Win 7 at all lately). I don't know why I didn't mention it before, but I suppose I was busy doing other things...until I stumbled upon this thread, and remembered it.

After I experienced the BSOD the first time, I ran Startup Repair, but it didn't solve the issue. It still continued to have the same BSOD shortly after seeing the Win 7 logo screen. I need to mention that I ran Startup Repair 3 times, but it still said it was unable to fix the issue. And so I've been unable to get into Win 7 ever since.

From EasyBCD now, the Win 7 BCD entry is shown as a "Deleted Hard drive" or something to that effect (I'm not in Vista right now). I don't know, but that may be due to having it installed to a VHD, but I don't remember seeing it before the problem occured, and I was able to get into Win 7 just fine.

So I'm not saying that EasyBCD is the one at fault here, because I simply don't know. But I just thought I would go ahead and mention it...:wink:
Thanks. I did find in this forum several times that win7 was mentioned, but there were more errors reported than the few times I saw someone say it works - so it was very confusing.
That was doing an in-site search.
That said - after posting this thread I did a google search including the words "EasyBCD" "Forum" and "Win7"/"Windows7" and such variations - and it turned up more results than the in-site search. Seems odd to me... maybe it should be looked in to. Or maybe the in-site search is not intended to be as good as google to begin with :smile:

Anyhow I got my answer loud and clear thanks a bunch :grinning:
This forum is wonderfully fast.
I did the same as Coolname007 (boot into a VHD) but havent used EasyBCD so far.
To boot into VHD from Vista, you MUST use BCDEDIT from a 7 install, so I was wondering if this issue of multiboot would be fixed in EasyBCD by replacing BCDEDIT.exe in the bin folder (of EasyBCD) by the 7 version?

Using EasyBCD as it is currently uses Vista BCDEDIT is likely to cause issues when multiboot into Vista + "7 on VHD".

Any thoughts?
I installed 64-bit Windows 7 RC on a new hard drive on my laptop last week and Ubuntu V9.04 in a separate partition. I used EasyBCD V2 Beta to create a dual boot environment, and though I have only used it a couple of times, so far it seems to work perfectly. I can boot to either system with the click of a mouse. Thanks NeoSmart!
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