EasyBCD with XP and 98


I've 2 hd on my pc: on the first is installed win98, on the second winXp.
I'dlike use EasyBCD to dualbooting (for my reason, i've deleted the winXp dualbooting on MBR and so I must now boot XP from a boot-floppy, but I'm not able to restore Xp mbr without erase all partition table!).
I read that 1.52 version is for Vista... what version i've to install in order to use with win98 and winXP?
Hi there,

EasyBCD is only for Vista, but if you need to dual-boot Windows 98 and Windows XP, take a look at Victor Laurie's guide for more info.


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If i am not mistaken cant you just insert the XP disc. Do a fix boot and fixmbr. Then from there add the 98SE install to it again? It would be basically like using EasyBCD but with the XP bootloader which is the same as 98's. :sick:
Perhaps I do not explained me well...
I cannot fix the MBR with recovery console, because I tried it and I lose my partition table...
I have 2 S.O., win98SE (on hd C:smile: and WinXP (on hd D:smile: and I'd like use easyBCD in order to do a dual boot because now I start my winXP by a bootfloppy. My question is: easyBCD 1.5 is for Vista, older versions (1.1, ecc. ) are compatible with XP or 98?
No, they're all for Vista only.

Here's a fix for you though:

Boot from the XP CD, and press "R" to enter the Recovery Console.
Enter your administrator password.
Type in the following
bootcfg /rebuild

This DOES NOT REWRITE YOUR MBR! It only recreates the boot.ini file the way it's supposed to be, and it only works from with the XP RE.