easybcd wont even work!


hey guys!
new to the forum, hoping to shed some light on my issue.

first of all, I have win 7 on my main drive. I then installed win xp on an older drive, and can now only boot to win xp, without an option to boot to win 7.
A friend told me about Easybcd, so i was glad to be able to attempt to get back into windows 7 without having to reinstall.

I downloaded the app and installed it. at the end of the install, i select the option to run. the install window closes and nothing happens - it just sits there.

i then try to run the app and get an application error
"the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135).

I REALLY hope someone knows why this is happening, please!

You must install .NET 2.0 framework on XP as a pre-req for running EasyBCD (It's a NET app).
thanks for the reply.
Sorry I didnt read the troubleshooting first...

so the app is now opening - however when i load the program im getting the error:

bcd store could not be opened.
the system cannot find the file specified.

would you like to manually load a bcd registry?

im new to this terminology, so im a little bit lost. Upon searching the forums for this error, i believe i found that it means i just need to repair my win 7 OS... although im trying to avoid making changes to 7 - i just want access to it again!
The BCD is inside the \boot folder in the root of the W7 partition (you'll need to set folder options like this to see it). EasyBCD will find it automatically if it's in the "active" partition, but otherwise you need to tell it where to find it.
Are you sure that your problem is not just that you are booting from the new HDD instead of the old one ?
Check your BIOS boot sequence and make sure W7 is above XP.