EasyBCD won't run on my Vista SP1


Hallo Boys and Girls,

Reluctantly I have partially upgraded from Win98SE to Vista. I want to retain Vista and install on my new box (AMD 64, 4GB, 460GB, Vista Home Premium 6.0.6001, SP1) BSD, WIn98SE and perhaps Solaris. Might need an extra hard disk.

I downloaded EasyBCD onto a Win98SE machine. It starts to install effortlessly and normally. Copied the source to Vista and keep getting:

Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include
incomplete download and damaged media. Contact the
installer's author to obtain a new copy.

More information at:
Why do I get NSIS Error - NSIS
Re-downloaded EasyBCD from Neo Smart, copied to Vista via a USB memory stick and when I try to run EasyBCD I get the same error message. I then specified running the programme in conmpatible Win98/ME mode = no joy. Then as a Vista (NT) administrator = No Joy.

At the moment only have Vista on the new box.

My questions are:

(1) Will EasyBCD run when there is only 1 operating system installed ? (e.g. Vista)

(2) What should I do to get EasyBCD to run on my Vista machine ?

Thank you.

Hi Paul, welcome to NeoSmart.

I'm guessing you tried to run the downloaded file from Win98 at least once or the download is corrupted like you proposed. I believe EasyBCD only works with Win2k or later which might have caused corruption to the file if ran from Win98. Either way, the file is obviously corrupted. What I would do then is download EasyBCD from within Vista itself. Is there a specific reason why you cannot do this and haft to copy it from the Win98 system? Internet connectivity problems with Vista? Or maybe internet problems with your connection in general.
NSIS runs a checksum validation on the downloaded installer - sounds like the download itself was corrupted along the way, and either your ISP or gateway is caching the corrupt installer.

EasyBCD requires the .NET 2.0 Framework to run, but it should install on Windows 98 without a problem...

If you still can't manage to download it, we have a torrent version of the EasyBCD installer available as well.

EasyBCD via torrent: http://neosmart.net:6969/torrent.html?info_hash=7909d8d845f90adc37c58a4926f22f54d5dde249
Thanks for your advice.

Having waited days for the router to arrive and after 2 whole days trying to get Windoze (Vista on one machine and 98SE on another) to connect to a Tompson ADSL router, I finally got Internet access on both.

Have downloaded the lastest EasyBCD and will now instal FreeBSD and report back on my experience.