easybcd won't run


easybcd won't run
just reinstalled win xp and wanted to make sure easybcd would stat and it doesn't

easybcd has encountered a problem and needs to close.
eventtype : clr20r3 P1 : easybcd.exe P2 : P3 : 4ael5ec0
P9 : system invalidoperationexception

i have uninstalled and re downloaded easybcd but when i come to run i get the above message.
Have you installed NET 2.0 framework on XP (It's a pre-requisite)
Get it through Windows Update (Custom) Optional Updates.
yes i did but seems to have neede two restarts seems ok now, now i get the erroe opening bcd registry box saying
the boot config data store could not be opened.
Do you have a BCD ? (Is vista/W7 installed somewhere ?), if so point it to the BCD (inside the hidden "boot" folder). You'll need folder options like this to find it
If not, you can point it to the BCD you'll find in the Neosmart folder just to get it running, but why do you want it if you don't have a BCD ?
been trying for a few days now to get dual boot with xp and win 7
after re formating i now have it ready i have
my hard drive spilt into 3
30 gb which as xp pro
17 gb xp pro back up which will format and replace with win 7 .