EasyBCD XP &Win7 Menu -No selection


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EasyBCD (1st time user of one day) Looks great.

The EasyBCD menu on boot up is not responding -- Unabe to tab down.
Options are Win7 (newly installed after XP) & XP.
on booting & after EasyBCD menu time out Win7 (default) boots fine.

Three disks & three partitions.
Under XP --> Disk 0 =>empty, Disk 1 =>Data disk, Disk 2 =>XP system & Boot disk.

Installed Win7 onto Disk 0 -- Works fine ... Added EasyBCD and added the XP menu option -- Looks fine.

BUT: -- on booting I am unable to select/tab or press enter on the boot menu.

Can someone point out my ways of error - Such potential with may users, I must have a problem!

[I also seem to have an access problem into the BIOS -- It flashes by & the F2 key is ineffective]


Do you have a wireless or USB keyboard ?
If you have an old PS2 keyboard, you can plug it in and see if that gives you access.
hi I have the same problem too.

In addition I have a Ps2 keyboard connected :x

Instead I use iReboot, which can be found under the utility option in EasyBCD, to bypass this problem :shame:
Hi on99gamble,

Glad you found iReboot useful. It's always humbling to see people putting our software to uses we never considered.