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EasyBCD can't be used to solve XP-only boot problems, but if you tell us what's the matter we can guide you through the troubleshooting process.

Have a look at Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki for a crash-course on the XP boot process, it may be helpful.
I would appreciate guidance in correcting the current XP boot.ini, a copy of the current boot file is attached as a pdf. The only OS on the system is XP Home and my objective is to boot directly into XP, witout options. I have been using your EasyBCD in Vista and have been spoiled with the simplicity. If you could help me resolve the XP boot it would be appreciated, TKS,


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Your current boot.ini is saying you've got 2 XPs, both home edition, one on the first partition, the other on the second, both on the same disk.
If you make no choice, after 30 seconds it will attempt to boot from the second partition.

Without you saying which partition XP is actually on, obviously I don't know which is the right one.

However if, when you let the boot default, the system comes up succesfully, then the XP is on partition 2 and all you need to do is change the timeout from 30 to 0 and you'll never see the menu again. (You'll get the same effect by deleting the last 2 lines of boot.ini completely and leaving the timeout alone, either way will produce the same result)

If however letting the boot default results in failure, that means XP is on partition 1, and you'll need to delete lines 5 and 6, and change the partition number in the default line from 2 to 1.

TKS for the help, I still have two questions, sorry to be so thick:
  1. default= indicates that Windos is on... partition (2), is that in fact where it is or could it be located elsewhere? If so, how do I tell where and must partition (2) be changed to whatever? and
  2. should... " /noexecute=optin" be removed from the setting
TKS for your patience, i still wish EasyBCD would accomodate all OSs, best regards,

I haven't tested it, but I believe HnS should be able to work in an all-XP environment, complete with the automated creation of working boot.ini files (without hiding any partitions, either).

I'll have a quick look at the code later today to be sure and post back - that might be a nice option for anyone with boot.ini/NTLDR woes!
Unless you post a screenshot of your disk management, we can't tell from here where your XP is located.
Which one do you select when you boot ?
That's why I gave the instructions in the last post for either one being correct.

If you boot and take no action, after 30 seconds the system pointed to by the default line will be selected.

If that is successful, then obviously the default choice is the correct one.
If the system fails to boot, then the other one must be correct.

If you make a choice, then the default line is not used at all, but the lines relating to the one you chose are.

If you have a single system, then there should only be one of the 2 entries, and the default line should point to the same partition.

In reply to the last question, no. Don't change anything else in the file, just find which is the right partition.

When you have only one choice in boot.ini, you will not be presented with a menu at all.

If you have several choices, but timeout is 0, then the default line is used immediately without presenting you with a menu.

That's why I gave you 2 alternative ways of removing the boot menu.

In reply to your last question - No. Don't alter anything else, just identify which partition is correct and take one of the two courses of action I outlined before.
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Technically HnS should work, but I don't recommend you use it. It's made for the specific job of hiding Vista partitions from XP; and it's not an all-purpose boot manager.

This is the recommended way of re-creating boot.ini:
Rebuilding Boot.ini - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki -> see the "Automated Creation of Boot.ini" section; it'll give you a fool-proof way of fixing your system.