easybcd1.7.2 not repair boot server 2008


hi all
i installed easybcd ver 1.7.2 but it did not find server 2008 that is on drive h:

i want to repair boot server 2008

my pc has 3 operation systems: 1-win xp 2-vista 3-server2008

that easybcd just finds boot win xp and vista

shoud be mentioned that i erased this 3 boot(1-win xp 2-vista 3-server2008) by mistake with easybcd :frowning:
Please copy/paste the output from EasyBCD "display settings" in detailed (debug) mode.
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Select the right drive letter for Svr 08's partition as you're adding the entry or change the existing entry to the correct place using the bootloader management page.