easybcd2.0 build75 don't work well in windows2008sp2


I installed easybcd 2.0 Build 75 to make dual boot( windows2008 ent sp2 and ubuntu 9.10), but when I select "Add/Remove Entries","Linux/BSD",the program "bootgrabber.exe" don't work, it is canceled by windows system.


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Thanks for providing the dumps, it usually takes me days of explanation to get my hands on those :smile:

I'll look into it and let you know what I find.
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OK, can you please replace Program Files\NeoSmart Technologies\EasyBCD\bin\BootGrabber.exe with the one attached to this post and let me know if it still crashes?

If so, please attach the crash dumps once more.

I appreciate your patience on this matter thus far.


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Thank you very much!
I installed easybcd2.0 beta build 76. Now it don't crash, but when I add an entry for linux , I select "linux/bsd" and type "grub(legacy)" , it don't show the device list.
when I select type "grub2" and rebooting, I select "neoSmart Linux" , the screen show "Grub rescue", don't load ubuntu9.10.
I installed ubuntu 9.10 in /dev/sda7, /boot under /dev/sda8
after rebooting , the screen show the infomation:
Starting cmain() .... (hd0,0)
[Multiboot-kludge, loadaddr=0x100000, text-and-data = 0x6211, bss=0x0, entry = 0x10027c]
error: unknown filesystem
grub rescue>
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Can you please open EasyBCD | Useful Utilities | Power Console
type in
bootgrabber.exe /list
and copy and paste the output here?

Much appreciated,
c:\Program Files\NeoSmart Techologies\EasyBCD\bin>bootgrabber.exe /list

BootGrabber utility
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Weird. You wouldn't happen to have another Windows Server 2008 machine to test this on, would you?