Easybcd2 not finding MSinfo32 in pe3


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Hi Mahmoud,

Easy is running great in my pe3 build.

One minor glitch - it can't find msinfo32.

Not sure why - it's right where it should be, in x:\windows\system32\.

Any ideas what that may be?

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Justin, are you talking to me or SIW2? And rebuilding what?

(sorry if I'm a bit dense this morning, haven't had much sleep!)

Yes, I have several builds - same result on all of them.

It's not a big deal - just curious.

The other buttons in Useful Utilities window all work fine.
Not all of Windows tools/components or common settings are included in a PE I've noticed. Depending on the path EasyBCD references for msinfo32 rather that be a environment variable, hard coded path, or registry value it may indeed not exist though msinfo32 is there.