EasyRE Failure and Zero Response from NeoSmart

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I have just discovered this forum and I am using it to highlight my frustration with this product and company.
There follows communication I have attempted to have with NeoSmart following the purchase and complete failure of EasyRE Win10 to solve any problem or provide any useful information. I hope that it is self-explanatory

9 Sept 2022
Re: Order EC8F2717A7B5E8B0: Windows 10 Recovery Disc

In good faith I just purchased ERE Home for £35 on the basis that it would solve my Win10 boot problem
I have now run it 4 times each time ending with failure - see log below
I really think that I am due a refund - ERU is simply not fit for (my) purpose.
ERE Log:
"Easy Recovery Essentials
Integrity checks complete.
Checking Windows filesystem on /dev/nvd0p3 for errors and inconsistencies..
Corrupted partition detected! Attempting to repair..
Integrity checks complete.
Searching for boot-related problems...
Rewriting the MBR on /dev/nvdo
Failed to update the MBR! Unable to continue; review earlier messages for more details.
Unable to proceed with the repair of this volume. Check logs for more details.
Hope hope you agree and process a refund ASAP
9 Sept

We got your help request! One of our agents will respond to you as soon as possible.


14 Sept 2022
I have had no further communication from you regarding my request for a refund following the total failure of ERE to make any useful inroads into my Win10 boot failure.
Ironically, I received (belatedly and independently) an offer of 50% discount because I'd first tried the free Win11 version.
Since my first, ignored, communication, as I slowly made progress towards solving my problem by other means, I gave ERE further opportunities to shine. However these later attempts resulted in failure, the system hanging indefinitely after the following
Testing system memory. Please be patient as this may take a while...
Memory test cancelled.
Checking disk & partition layout for errors...
No issues found, continuing with automated repairs! Preparing to repair Windows partition on /dev/nvd1p3
Volume identified as NTFS"
Then hanging for 12 hours!
ERE is an overpriced "one trick pony". It provides no diagnostic information about what is going on or why it fails.
Once again, I am requesting a full refund because it is simply not fit for my purpose. By ignoring my polite request, I am beginning to assume that you only respond to vile reviews and outrage in your forum or social media. I am quite capable of doing that but prefer a more civilised approach.
I trust that you will respond promptly before I take further action.
14 Sept

We got your help request! One of our agents will respond to you as soon as possible.


Needless to say, I am most unhappy and not impressed by this software or NeoSmart's total failure to response.

Future customers take note and beware.
Hi ChipMonk,

I'm not sure why you haven't heard back from the email help, and I'll look into it.

If EasyRE is hanging for 12 hours it sounds like it has actually crashed. This is obviously not supposed to happen, but the only times I've seen it do that are when there is disk corruption or disk failure, though it's hard to say without the logs.

I'll see to it that you get the refund asap.

Edit: you should have received notice that a refund was applied to your purchase.
I have now received the refund back into my account. Thanks for resolving this - just a pity that I had to post on a public forum to achieve that.
I have the same problem, i bought the software and it is defect, the software is unable to star the GUI , it stops at $ (command prompt) and it doesn't load at all.
I have contacted immediately the easyre-neosmart at support email (which is provided at their webpage) asking for a refund but i didnt get any reply already for 4 weeks. , here is the screenshot of the problem: Screenshot
How can i get a refund for the software which was defect, and i had to reinstall the windows on my own?
This is the mail that i sent but got no reply:


Re: Fwd: Order A64712EC5805F3D5: Windows 10 Recovery Disc

Tue, 13 Sep 2022 15:26:14 +0200

I just bought your product bellow, I want a refund as it is not working like described.
I have created the bootable usb like you described, and your software starts loading, but at the end no Gui shows up,
i just get a linux command line, and the gui of the software doesnt start up at all: Screenshot
I bought your software to solve my startup issue fast, i dont have time to investigate why your software doesnt want to load the gui in order to try to fix the pc.

So i am requesting my money back for a defect software.


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