EasyRE Pro not booting

Hi, I downloaded EasyRE yesterday, paid for the professional version and tried CD and USB boot. Both get to fdc0 output ready timeout during boot, then stop.
I am running an IBM X32 and have keyed diagnostic software that's SUPER important booting Xp.

Any and all help would be IMMENSELY appreciated

My issue is I have a dual boot Xp laptop and the 2nd partition won't boot, I get the BSOD.
It sounds like you might not be booting correctly from the downloaded image. There are a couple of different reasons this could happen. Please try burning the image with either ImgBurnor our free software, Easy USB Creator, as an incompatible burning software is the most commonreason the disk might fail to boot.

A few different things to check:

  1. Is the CD or USB burned right? When you insert it into another PC, you should be able to see a few files and folders on the CD/USB when you open it in My Computer. What are these files?
  2. If you're creating a CD, did you use the right medium? You probably should have burned this onto a CD-R (instead of DVD-R). If that doesn't work, try using a DVD-R instead.
  3. Is the laptop or PC configured to boot from the CD or USB? This is typically done by pressing a key when you first turn your PC on to select the boot device, or else entering the BIOS and configuring it from there.
Also, on newer computers and laptops (especially those running Windows 8 or Windows 10), there are two settings that are sometimes enforced by the manufacturer that can prevent you from booting from a recovery CD/USB. These only affect UEFI/EFI computers; and you'll need to both make sure that Secure Boot is disabled and that Legacy Boot is enabled. We have guides on doing both, please refer to our knowledgebase articles on disabling Secure Boot and enabling Legacy Boot to set up your system to boot from recovery media.

Please read the links carefully and check the points above, and let me know how it goes.