EasyRE Professional downloaded but the USB does not boot.


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I had the misfortune of having Windows 10 Creator version ruin the computers boot sector.

The fixes on the Internet suggested for that error do not work, such as Bootfix etc. so I came across EasyRE and it seems to be the answer.

Paid for it and downloaded the Easy USB Creator .... and made the USB which I assumed is bootable.

I found how to change the boot order with difficulty as a Toshiba Kira has not visible F2 etc. keys.

But the USB did not boot ... with the ISO on it ...

There are two USB listings on the memory ... the Windows Media Creator USB from former download loads but the EasyRE from the Easy USB creator will not load.

The one listing is for USB Memory and the other is listed as USB ODD

The Windows Media Creator USB loads from the USB Memory listing on the boot order but the Easy USB will not boot from any combination.

So, what have I done wrong?