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At the automatic repair section in your program. It shows to me partition list but C:Windows not active is this gonna be problem BOOT part (i think its not my part) is active. So i decided to change the flag C: Windows sector as a boot. But when i tried this at partition editor. Firstly it showed to me a warning message about GPT table doesnt exist. but i forced it so it open but when i was trying to change C: Windows flag as a boot it occured with error then all part has gone as a unallocated partition. How can i fix this. By the way scan virus operation has find 1 virus and delete it. I have 2 SATA HDD with RAID 1 (Mirror) which one of them being unallocated during operations. My alpha problem is SrtTrail.txt Windows Repair ERROR thats why i am using your program. Please help me i need to fix this immediately. Thank for your support.


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