EasyRE update

I bought EasyRE a couple of years ago and it has been very useful, but today running it produced a message saying that my Windows 10 was too new for the edition of EasyRE I had downloaded as an ISO.

How does one get an updated ISO that is compatible with the latest edition of Windows 10?


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Short of re-downloading it I can't think of another way, EasyRE support is all via email so I would email them at easyre@neosmart.net
However, someone with experience may spot this and provide an answer.
Unfortunately cannot download the ISO again as the link to download provided when I bought EasyRE says it expired. There is no login/password provided, only the direct link to the ISO file.

The Neosmart website says support is not provided by email, in fact it says explicitly that emails will not be answered - questions must be placed on the forum - and there is no email on the website.


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Maybe you are reading old instructions, it's clearly stated HERE that one has to email support and it's repeated on the old EasyRE section HERE.
But as I said maybe someone will chip in here with suggestions.
From Neosmart website today:

NeoSmart Technologies
4038 N McVicker Ave
Chicago, IL 60634

Technical Support

We do not offer technical support by email or phone. For all technical support inquiries, please open a thread in our support forums. You may purchase premium technical support by contacting the NeoSmart sales department. Otherwise, support requests via email or phone will unfortunately go unanswered.

Sales Support

Email: Sales@NeoSmart.net
Fax: (773) 733-5828


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You're looking st the general supposrt page, the one I linked says:
Because NeoSmart Technologies cares about the satisfaction of our customers, we provide direct one-on-one email support for all our EasyRE customers. The kind of things NeoSmart support agents will be able to help you with include

  • Unable to download EasyRE
  • Problems burning EasyRE to a CD or DVD
  • Problems getting the damaged computer to start up from the EasyRE recovery media
  • Issues encountered while running EasyRE, such as error messages or hardware incompatibility.
Please send any EasyRE support requests to easyre@neosmart.net