EasyRE Windows not working - how to backup files?


Dear guys, the automated repair for Windows 8.1 did not work.
After the screen has run the boot program and I was asked to remove USB and restart, the same blue screen came on but instead of a loop, it stayed fixed at 0% for 30minutes.

Also reloaded the bootable USB created using rufus (EasyBCD doesnt work) to backup the files.
Can view the HDD files and copy but how do you move or paste the copied files into an external HDD (using a new Seagate OneTouch 5TB external HDD plugged into the non-startable laptop via another USB port). There is no way to identifiy or detect the newly plugged in external HDD to paste the copied files.
No reply as usual after a 3 days from tech support.

Please teach this step if anyone knows how to make the new external HDD recognizable to transfer the copied files.
Also why does the automated repair not work.
My plan is transfer all the recoverable files and then reformat the entire old laptop.

Also if this doesnt work at the end, please send me a refund, thanks



Hi Peter, do you have any news, maybe it is better that I get a refund if the owner has no interest in supporting his own product or standing by it.

Appreciate your help.