EBCD 171 WinPE script error


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Having successfully Dual Booted Wxp and WPE20 ala TechNet Mag Feb2008 on two computers, I was having problems with my laptop and gave ebcd a try. EBCD was able to properly set the bootloader and show the bootmgr menu. 'Bootsect /nt60 all ' was resulting in disk read failure.
I next tried to do the 'NST Winpe' on the add/remove page.
I pointed to my local winpe.wim and said apply. EBCD requested the vista cd, I use the WAIK and winpe20 boot cd but found a vista disk, and EBCD attempts to find the boot.sdi (ramdisk code) at the boot\boot\boot.sdi target. Since the proper target is boot\boot.sdi the script fails.
So, two things, fix the script and how about and adv config page so user can target own files, ie wiak.
I notice in the winpe tab, the name is 'NST WinPE Image'. Is and NST version tweaked version planned? I just discovered the VistaPE package. Maybe its time to move on from BART's PE and UBCD4WIN.
On my computer it checks in the \boot\ folder for a boot.sdi file......

What do you mean by "target own files?"

As for the NST WinPE image - we're working on our recovery CD built on WinPE 2.0. The initial version (basically the Vista Recovery CD) is due for release any day now.