EBCD Unhandled exception


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I tried to change my boot drive (C:\) to a different partition and experienced this exception. I took a snapshot (attached) and when I selected Quit, EBCD crashed. The partition the boot drive was on was a primary partition and the one I tried to move it to is a logical drive. I wanted to do this as I want to delete the primary partition as it is an unused Vista OS. The OS I am running is Win7 x86 Ultimate.

I am running the latest Beta rel

The exception data is in a scroll box so I was not able to capture it. I will retry and see if I can reproduce the exception.



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You're right, it does!

Please wait for build 90, I'm fixing the issue now.


Fixed. Can you please test it and let me know?
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You do know that you can't boot a logical drive ?
The boot files have to be in a primary partition.