EBCD chooses C:\ instead of E: partition.

When I create a new entry for Linux Mint, and choose the drive and partition it is on, the View Settings window shows C:\ as the selected drive. I'm too wary of letting it run like this in case it messes up my boot. Is this correct? Should I leave it as C:\? Does this C:\ refer to the location of the boot file, rather than the location of Linux?

View Settings window

Actual location of Linux.
Advice appreciated. Cheers


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You need to give partition 2 a drive letter in Windows > Admin Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management.
Then you should be able to remove the current entry and re-enter it correctly.
Mind you I must tell you I'm no expert with Linux so will defer to anyone else seeing this.
In any case, I moved this to EasyBCD support rather than the general Windows Support for better handling. Good luck :wink:
Hidy, and thanks for replying.
That was a mistake, I opted to install alongside Windows and so Linux made partitions. I wiped that and chose to use the whole disk for Linux. Must have done something else wrong as it refused to boot even directly from the disk, never mind the menu. Will try again today. Tell you, they don't make it easy these Linux peeps. They don't even try to use terminology that is even slightly meaningful to Windows users, and their labelling of drives is baffling. First time I installed it - on another disk, I chose the wrong one and lost XP. lol.
Still uncertain about that C:\ when choosing a different disk in Add Entry, but I've decided to leave it as EBCD does it, pretty certain it can't do any harm. lol again. Might disconnect my C: and G: drives while installing Linux, though.
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All I know about Linux could be written on a postage stamp I think. I attempted once and once only to install it on one blank partition and it was a miserable failure. I could not get it to boot no matter what I did.. The disk I burned for the purpose is now a coaster.
It's been about 10°C above normal here (whatever normal is these days) for about a week and it's 9° right now, but I'm sure we will be in a deep freeze sooner rather than later. At 74 I've beaten you and I know only too well what harsh winters do to an old body. The UK is more humid during winter so cold there seems worse than it actually is. I used to visit back 'ome for Christmas and New Year every year for about a month, but now can't afford it, my friends have mostly passed on and I can't afford hotels on my pension.
Hello again. Well finally got Linux Mint to boot. I had to disconnect all other drives. But it does boot. However, I still can't get it to work by adding an entry in EasyBCD, it just hangs. I've tried a few variants in setting the Linux boot entry, but not everything yet. I might go to Mint's forum and ask around there. Mint's not bad, and so far everything works and works well. My only concern is that the drivers, say for my graphic card are not those specifically written for my card, so how they work with games I've yet to discover. I'm checking out Linux as I don't like where win 10 is going. If I do not upgrade to 10, I may keep 7, just not use it with internet.
Oh, yeah. I can't give the Mint drive a letter as it's not a Windows drive anymore. The drive does not appear in Windows Explorer, and in Disk Management the two partitions bear no drive letter. Usinf EasyBCD, I select the Linux partition, not by letter.

Funnily enough, it appears we are in or going to have, something of a warm spell. The radio mentioned something about the warmest December day on record. And it was good today, didn't even need the fingerless gloves. At last, global warming works.
That's the snag with getting old and living on a pension. My friends are all still kicking; don't see them anymore, though. Since I moved back from living in Spain from 2000 - 2008, I live near my daughter and granddaughters which is nowhere near where I used to live. First Christmas there we villa-sat while the owners went to UK, Christmas day sat out on the balcony, shorts and tee shirts, sun shining. I miss that sun. Don't you get discount with Air Canada?


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Well good luck. I was hoping one of our resident experts would lend a hand here, but they seem otherwise occupied.
Our first sub-freezing temp is forecast for Thursday but only for the one day...after that warmish again.
Yes I get discounts, but not much at the hotels at the other end, so it's that is preventing me going anywhere.
Got to win that lottery asap. Some hopes of that !!
Just remembered something. My brother in law used to travel around the country attending postcard fairs - often. He used to stay in student accommodation when his travels coincided with holidays. Cheaper than B&Bs, and they were keen to get the extra income. No idea how he went about it, though. I once stayed with a mate at his digs in Guildford Uni for a few days. Perfectly acceptable digs.
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I'm not fit enough to weather such accommodations any more but I used to use Youth Hostels, the 'Y' etc. a lot when I was young, mostly in my student days. It was always a cheap way of seeing a country. Bad luck re: the car, not a happy experience. Haven't driven in years.


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Your speculation in the OP was correct, it refers to the location of the boot files.
They point to the OS.
Thanks for that, Terry60. I thought so. However, it seems that a Linux boot addition can't be achieved by using only those parameters offered by EasyBCD - I tried everything; literally every possible combination. Much more is required - getting details from Grub, and adding them to the boot details. During research, only those who managed to deal with Linux's deeply complex and unfathomable boot requirements succeeded. Unlike Windows which only uses letters and name of drive everywhere, Linux requires THREE different naming parameters; /dev/sdc(for hard drive), /dev/sdc{number} (for partition on hard drive), AND, unbelievably, (hd{number},{number}) format information as well in boot parameters. Duh. No wonder Windows is on top. Linux has got a long way to go before it is commonly acceptable and useable. Very disappointed. The closest I ever achieved, along with many, many, many others is to land at a Grub prompt, with no idea what to do with it. Microsoft people must be splitting their sides with laughter. Sorry, Linux people, but your OS is a joke, and about as user-unfriendly as it comes. Until you completely drop and redesign this /dev and (hdx,xn) nonsense, and make it all understandable to Windows users, people will only try, and then uninstall, and continue to try to make Windows work as they want it to. I really don't want Windows 10, as is, but it appears there is no alternative.
Fed up.


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On the EasyBCD main screen, there is a line that will either say "boot drive" or "EasyBCD boot drive" depending on whether or not the system boot drive is mounted for user access.

Instead of forcing users to identify and mount their boot drive (as you would have to do under Linux), EasyBCD just uses a workaround by placing its boot files on C:\ and referencing that partition in the bootloader to quietly work around the problem. It's really a cosmetic issue at most and not something that anyone who is in this situation should trouble themselves with - it's not going to do any harm.