ebcd won't start?

hello, Im having trouble with starting the program. I installed framework 2.0 then installed the latest version of ebcd. After restarting my cp i tried to start the program....nothing happened. I didn't get an error message or anything, it just simply didn't work. I'm running a 3. ghz pentium c2d, 8800 vid card, 2 gig ram, windows xp and vista in dual boot (trying to get the bootloader to work again-hence the download). I'm trying to run the program from windows xp after a fresh reformat/reinstall. Any suggestions?
the installer worked fine, and I uninstalled and reinstalled with no problem. The issue happens when I try to launch the program itself.


well nm, thanks anyway I seemed to solve the problem on my own. I seemed to have had it set on "run in windows 98/me" compatiblity mode. Well thanks anyway.
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No problem....

Glad you got it working, must admit I wasn't sure what to recommend you try next :smile: