Editing BCD on other drive.

Just purchased EasyBCD because it claims to be able to edit the bcd on a different drive. Not finding this to be so.

Here is my environment.
Windows 7 Pro PC With Easy BCD installed.
Connected a HDD from a Windows 10 PC that needs BCD repaired.
The instructions claim that I have to give the partition where BCD is located a drive letter. Windows disk manager will not allow this.

What do I need to do differently?


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You need to assign your boot disk a letter in disk management or from the command line with the
In my post the last item I mentioned is windows disk manager will not allow this. Yet your reply is to use windows disk manager. So since I cannot get an answer that works I will need to get my money back.


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I'm not sure how you missed the second half of my reply; here's the definition of "or" per the dictionary:

—used as a function word to indicate an alternative
—used in logic as a sentential connective that forms a complex sentence which is true when at least one of its constituent sentences is true
So if the Windows disk manager approach doesn't work (and I know you said it doesn't, I merely included that for posterity's sake), then the truth of the statement rests upon the evaluation of its second half, which you conveniently ignored altogether.
Today is the 26th did you expect my to keep the computer out of service indefinitely I sent the message on the 17Th? I still do not see the second half of your reply.... If you are referring to mountvo1. That command does not work either. So I can either fight this out with the CC company or you can process the refund this evening.


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There is no issue providing you a refund for software we provide to millions free of charge. My reply was merely a reflection against your decision to react to an attempt at helping you as if you had been insulted rather than take the hand that was extended to you in assistance. Had you mentioned that mountvol additionally did not work (or, more preferably, provided actually actionable information such as what exact sequence of commands involving mountvol you had attempted and what the error message it provided was), this would probably have been a more productive conversation.

(Additionally, based off your most recent message and presuming that you did not make an error in transcription, it is no surprise that mountvo1 did not work as the last character in that command is the letter l and not the numeral 1)
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