Editing Legacy Entries.


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Hi. So I installed a copy of Windows XP, with the hope of dual booting it with my current Windows 7 copy. After some turbulent and rather frustrating few hours, I've got both copies installed.

Now, I've been able to create the boot entry for Windows XP (which seemed problematic at first) by renaming the Windows folder from "WINXP" to "WINDOWS". After I created the entry, I reverted it back to WINXP. From what I understand EasyBCD changes this in the boot.ini file as well.

This is where the problem comes in, I went to tools > edit legacy entries. I changed the path for the Windows Xp to "WINXP". Now, when I try to save the .txt file I get the error "boot.ini already exists, would you like to replace it", when I click yes, "boot this file is set to read-only. try again with a different filename". Now I've tried changing the read-only attribute in cmd, but it also gives an error like "Boot.ini : Access Denied".

I'm currently using my Windows 7, as I can't boot into my XP.

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT : If there is already a thread with this exact problem, and an answer, I'm sorry. I've been searching for hours, and can't find anything.


Problem resolved. Seems I'm a bit stupid. :grinning:

Delete thread please.
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I take it you found that the latest beta builds remove the "read only" bit for you.
Don't worry, we've all had our share of "duh !" moments.